Unicef Legacy


On a limited budget we were asked to write a TV spot that would inspire a successful, 55 + aged audience to consider leaving a legacy gift to Unicef. To help sell in the concept Matt wrote a manifesto, which he then had to read in a phone conference to senior Unicef staff, in Geneva, including the global Chief of Fundraising Services. It worked.

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You can probably read and write.


You probably went to school.


You probably had clean water to drink every day.


You probably had a bed, hot food, medicine, clothes. A home.


You probably have a birth certificate. You probably have a name.


230 million children in the world, don’t even have that.


As they grow up, if they grow up, they will go hungry, be cold, dirty, ill, tired, frightened.


And they will never go to school.




But together we can change that.


At Unicef we believe that every child has the right to a life. We believe that every child should benefit from the kind of chances we have.


And with your help we can give them all a better chance in life.


From fundamentals like clean water, food, medicine and vaccinations, to longer term support through education, protection and ongoing healthcare.


We’re aiming high.


We’re aiming to drive down the child mortality rate to zero.


We’re committed to reaching the most marginalised and vulnerable children in the world, no matter how difficult the task or remote the location.


By leaving a gift in your will to Unicef you can help a child long term.


You can enable us to deliver the support, the love and the hope that they might otherwise never get.


Already, we have used legacies to provide 24 million people with access to drinking water.


18 million births have been registered in Nigeria.


We have supplied 13 million with hand washing facilities.4 Sanitation for 7 million.


We provided 380,000 children in Yemen with basic education.


Together we can make more children feel safe.


We can help more children to learn, to think and grow.


Leave a gift to Unicef in your will


Give a child a life.